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At BabySteps we understand the advantages of developing the explosive athlete who is mentally tough. Our philosophy is to simply meet these objectives by making small, consistent, and sustainable steps known as “MircoWins”!  Overtime you can expect changes in positive self talk and an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline to translate to other areas of their life as well.   

What is a Band Facility?

Flexbands(i.e. circular resistance bands, powerbands) are used as the main training tool to develop speed, explosiveness, and flexibility@ .  Is it important to note that  "performance training" is more than lifting weights and being strong. An athlete needs to learn how to move while training at game speed. Flexband training  allows the athlete to "safely" practice against resistance at game speed in all planes of motions that free weights can not mimic.


Overtime you can expect an increase in your child's athleticism such as:

Increase in speed and explosiveness

First step quickness & change of direction/cutting

The ability to jump higher and quicker

Improved times on skills test

Balance and coordination

Reduction in deceleration injuries such as torn ACLs






Kris Snyder MBA,  MFT-T, CPT, FMS

Kris is certified by a number of organizations including JumpStretch(band training), the American Council on Exercise(Group Fitness, Personal Training and Cognitive Behavior Specialty) and the International Youth and Conditioning Association(Speed and Agility Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist 1). Kris has over 10 years  of experience in the martial arts earning his black belt from the late Master Clarence West in Steubenville Ohio.

Kris' extensive background in the field of social work, instruction of the martial arts, and youth coaching has allowed him to develop the skills to quickly connect with and effectively teach others.  


Kris has a MBA from Ohio Dominican University and a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy from Capella University.

1st Session free

If you have any questions or would like to set up your first session visit our facility or contact certified resistance band trainer Kris Snyder with BabySteps @ (614)633-7179 or Pat Noles of 3N @ (614)595-0276

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