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Why should my athlete train with BabySteps?

Greeting Parents my name is Kris Snyder, certified band trainer and CEO of BabySteps @ 3N.

Many parents are unaware of the importance and benefits of having their athlete train in resistance bands with a certified band trainer. 

After a short period of band training @ 3N, your child will start to gain an almost unfair advantage in the development of their athletic abilities. You can expect an increase in areas such as speed and the ability to learn how to handle many movements that occur on the court and field while also reducing injuries.  

It is important to understand there is a gap between a strong athlete and an athlete that moves well. Training with BabySteps helps improve the movement of your athlete to help them increase their speed and help them become a more explosive athlete in the field of play.

For a complete explanation and the benefits of band training with BabySteps SAQ contact Kris @ 614.633.7179 or Pat @ 614.595.0276 for a free consultation and session.


Kris Snyder, MBA, MFT-T, CPT, FMS

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These sessions  primarily focus on the of use resistance bands to increase game speed, agility, strength and coordination on the court or field. Contact Kris or Pat for information on team training, individual training or joining an existing class.    






These sessions are designed to keep your child active as well as  increase their fitness level. Overtime you can also expect

an increase in your child's self-esteem, self-confidence and self discipline as they begin to master the activities in these sessions.

‚ÄčSpeed and Explosion Programs

BabySteps specializes in assisting those in the 30+ population to begin or maintain healthy lifestyle changes as we grow older. We offer a number of opportunities such as 1-1 training, small group or family fitness sessions to help you reach your fat loss and fitness goals.

*In 2016 results from our beginner sessions ranged from individual losses of 100lbs, 80+lbs, and a number of losses of 20lbs+ *when clients combined our sessions with our behavior coaching program to make small, consistent healthy lifestyle changes known as "Microwins!"

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